Why is m43 doomed after A7s?

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Re: Ignoring the obvious - Agreed

dmanthree wrote:

OK, just a couple of things here:

Size. Yes, the new a7 cams are nice and small and light. But why not compare the smallest FF cam to the smallest m4/3 cam instead of one of the biggest? Lets see a comparison between the Panny GM1 and the a7. And while we're on the subject of size, where are the lens comparisons? Show me a shot of a 24-70 f2.8 and a 70-200 f2.8 zooms next to their m4/3 angle of view equivilants. Hint: the FF lenses are *lot* bigger and heavier.

And please don't compare lens selection right now. Sony has very few native lenses, and there aren't many on the horizon, either. No glass, no deal. And that's a shame.

Lastly, AF speed. I'm betting, since I haven't held an a7, that the AF speed on my GH3 is light years ahead of either a7 cam. What I've read seems to indicate that the CDAF speed on the a7r is just a bit pokey. We'll see.

So would I buy one? Sure, if Sony can build and ship some quality glass. No glass, no deal. I bought a NEX5 and waited. And waited. and eventually gave up. Based on what I see now I'd still be waiting.

Agreed. My GX7 m4/3 camera was small, light and feature packed. Faster AF than my current NEX-6. I have zero interest in the A7 right now as it's *native AF* lens lineup is as tiny as it's size (I have a Canon 5D3 FF system for serious stuff - The A7 won't be replacing it anytime soon). For now, the Zeiss 16-70mm & 20/2.8 lens + NEX-6 are sufficient for most of my fun/personal needs.

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