DSLR versus Mirror-less Cameras

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Re: DSLR versus Mirror-less Cameras

Let me boil the overall difference down to one factor:  focusing speed.  DSLR's win, although many ILC's are not that far behind.  ILC's are more accurate, however, as they don't get out of alignment.

Other than overall weight IQ, EVF vs. OVF, ergonomics differ more from one specific camera to another than from one type to another.

I have an NEX 7, after having gone through a lot of m43 and APS-C ILC's and a couple of DSLR's.  I found the 7 will hold its own against or outperform any APS-C or smaller camera, and comes d**n close to many FF cameras.

Even on ILC's the EVF's differ: some are better than others, and all are getting better all the time.

There is one other advantage to ILC's.  You can use virtually any lens with the proper adapter.  This opens up many legacy lens that give amazing IQ for a fraction of the cost of new lenses.  Most are only MF, however, but there are many photographers who prefer MF.

ILC's are smaller and lighter, although the weight factor is sometimes minimized because of big lens, especially zooms.


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