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Re: canon wide format pricing and warranties

kreidberg wrote:

I am thinking of upgrading from an Epson 3800 to a canon ipf6400 to be able to do 24 inch prints. I will not be printing very frequently and I see too many posts about clogging with the Epson 7900 if not used frequently enough

The canon wide format printers seem to have less problems with clogging.

Ok let me explain the actual reason CANONs seem to clog less.

But your PRO 7900 example is and actual bad one concerning clogging as that print head ( 4900 / 7900 ) is the worst print head EPSON has produced.

Your current 3800 is very good. I have two of them and they never clog on me. Regardless of whether I run them on OEM or even on Refillable carts and various ink sets.

The Epson heads contain a finite number of nozzles. You can count them individually in your 3800 nozzle checks. If one clogs, you need to unclog it using various methods. So each nozzle that may go bad actually counts and causes an actual nozzle deficit which will affect your printer image quality.

There are also differences in the structure of the microtubules of the heads which gets into other factors. There papers about this somewhere but I truly do not understand half of what they say.

The Canon heads also use a similar number of nozzles to do actual printing BUT they have tons of non used redundant nozzles that will come into play the second one printing nozzle clogs or goes bad. So you never even realize that a nozzle has either become clogged or gone bad as in burned out. Why Burned Out? Because Canon heads are thermal and basically use a resistor ( I think ) to violently cause a bit of ink to boil and this little explosion expulses the droplet of ink out of the nozzle and deposits it onto the paper. The process actually cause a minute but cumulative detrimental / destructive effect on the nozzles. As more nozzles die, others immediately come in to replace them and eventually, when no more redundant nozzles are available, the head will need to be replaced. Thank God they are user replaceable so no problem there. But heads for the ipf6400 can be a bit expensive.

So if you compare the lifespan of an EPSON head that the user has maintained well by NOT allowing the printer to sit idle for weeks on end ( BAD ) with an equivalent CANON head, which seems to never clog ( it actually does but it uses other nozzles to replace them ), their life span may actually be about the same.

Still, the EPSON heads are not user replaceable so you will pay $$$. So you will have to maintain the EPSON printer more religiously than the CANON.

The ipf6400 does produce amazing prints as does the PRO 7900 when it is working correctly. the X900 series truly needs to be used almost daily to keep is working perfectly.

Search posts and reports about the PRO 4900 head clog problems ( same head ).


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