Why is m43 doomed after A7s?

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Re: Why is m43 doomed after A7s?

You are comparing the A7 to the EM1, but EM1 is a flagship camera and EM1 users are only small portion of the m43 user base. People who are into sports or wildlife or people who are former 43 users. Most m43 camera's sold are consumer camera's below $1k and the A7 will do nothing to those sales.

I actually think the A7 is going to fail. The A7 is too expensive and there's no gateway drug to it. Many people buy a cheap consumer Canon or Nikon DSLR, so that have the option to go FF. No one is going to drop $2-$3k on their first camera. So forget autoshooting tourists and artsy collegestudents buying he A7. The target market is too small. And if there are no users, there will be no investments. If there are no new lenses, there will be no new users. So you get this vicious circle.

If we look at m43. Before they started to release expensive lenses, like the 42.5 f1.2, they first had to create a big user base with cheaper lenses like the 45 f1.8.

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