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Re: Video, grab frame?

liquidsquid wrote:

A situation like this would I think be better presented with a short video rather than trying to nail the perfect single shot. If you want a still, then you have tons of frames to steal it from, but perhaps not at super high-resolution.

Good idea.  But how to capture a good video??   See http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/52630019

I also saw an iPhone video taken a minute before my attempt.  It was no good.  Also overexposued with lots of motion blur.

Maybe I'll have to learn how to outwit the metering system while using video to do this.   If I could, it would be a great way to kill two birdies with one stone!

Otherwise it was almost a hopeless scenario relying on a bit of luck and a lot of forethought.

I've got a year for forethought!!!

Obvious improvements would have been larger aperture, higher ISO,

I don't think higher ISO would work, shooting M(anual) to set f/ at wide open and shutter speed at around 1/250.  That will reduce the exposure, reducing the blowing of the coloured lights.  And reducing ISO will reduce the possibility of clipping the highlights in the coloured light.   Counter intuitive, eh?

tripod or nearby rock/stump/etc with timer.

Yeah, good to stop camera shake but still allow some motion blur from the movement of the train.

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