How to track a toddler's movement with X-E2

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Re: How to track a toddler's movement with X-E2

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Turn Face Detection on. For indoor shots with bounced flash (EF-20 + Omnibounce diffuser), I set shutter speed to 1/180. For outdoor, you may want to set it higher (1/250) if fill flash is not required. I set AutoISO 800 (limit the ISO the camera can use so I get more flash output vs ambient at night). Aperture set to Auto if this is daytime, but at least f/2.8 if it is at night to give it enough DoF. Set AF-C. For the test, I was using the XF23 1.4 lens.

Now when I half press the shutter release button, the camera will continue AF on the face and you can fire away when you got the expression on the face you want to capture. Flash exposure is accurate most of the time as it uses the face as reference.

Got a number of keepers that way. Can't do that with X-E1 and even with the D3s, tracking is still difficult (tracked the wrong things at times).

I am going to try it at home, but my 18-month-old toddler in addition to moving non-stop very fast in every direction, also has a tendency to turn his head back on me when he sees me with a camera (which is most of the time) just to screw with me.   And then FD usually loses him.

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