Why is m43 doomed after A7s?

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Re: Why is m43 doomed after A7s?

LTZ470 wrote:

Felice62 wrote:

You got a Sony Lens that I could use with A7R? or even a Nex? with Stabilisation?

In fact I have NO sony lenses and, frankly, I don't miss them.

Will all this ever stop?

It can't, you can't beat these in IQ, unless you prove you have a FF Sony Cam with a Sony Lens...sadly you don't and you can't unless you use the Sony DSLR that has IBIS...but yet you speak about IQ...lol...

What have IBIS or native lenses got to do with IQ. Really?!

Ever try shooting the A7R handheld with a 300mm Lens and no OSS?...didn't think so?...going to be a challenge...Sigma quit making OS lens for Sony Mount...and they actually have some awesome lens coming out, but have NO plans to make FE Lens for A7r and A7...

find some peace and live along with your nice m43 system and let full framers enjoy what they have.

I do...I have RX1 FF...A7r FF (without FE Lens)...Nex-7 APS-C (Without Long Tele AF Lens)...Nex-5N APS-C...Sony Rx100 x 2 "1"...Sony HDR-GW77...m43 x 2...Canon S95 1/1.7"...Nikon Coolpix A APS-C...Superzoom x 3 with Nikon TC-E17ED 1/2.33"...

I am at perfect peace except, for waiting on "Sony FE AF Lens"...

Still no FF nature photos in response?...didn't think so...

EVERY format has DISTINCT advantages over the other formats:

FF...m43...P&S...Superzoom...UW Cam's...

In fact, I am planning to purchase a nice m43 mini system to complement my A7.

I am by no mean a fanatic

Agreed, each system can compliment the others, some are actually "easier" to use to be perfectly honest...for me anyways...but ALL of them are very competent...an I like the choices...yes, it would be nice to shoot FF for everything, but then when you take off on a Mountain Bike for 20 mile ride and FF is not exactly forgiving in the weight dept unless it's the RX1, it is excellent, but then it is limited as well to 35mm...the A7r is going to really shine IF the Prime Wide Lens for Landscape turn out really well...300mm on the A7R?...without OSS, will require 1/1000 shutter, 1/800 minimum unless on a tripod, then I would still use OSS and a Fluid Ball for nature shooting...

I use every system and every camera and will continue, because there is NOT a camera made that can do everything without HUGE limitations....

Ditto. I plan to use my FF for portraits, mainly at interiors with a selection of fine vintage lenses (yet to determine) AND build from scratch a nice m43system with some nice native lenses..

It'll take me some time but that's my goal.

Long live FF and M43. THe logical consequence to the advent of the A7 is that in a 2 yers timeframe APS-C, the way it is today, is bound to die 'coz obsolete.

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