Buying an emount f/2.8 zoom?

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Re: Buying an emount f/2.8 zoom?

If the quality were there, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. The 50-150 would cover 99% of the action shots I want to take. But I doubt that it will ever be made. There's just too little interest in higher quality midrange zooms on this forum. Everyone seems to feel that if you have a high quality sensor, you must be willing to buy and carry several high quality primes, and you have to be willing to switch back and forth between them during each and every shoot.

I do understand the viewpoint. But somewhere, I still think there could be a compromise between the absolute optimal image quality and "getting the shot", which you'd often lose while switching lenses.

The other point is that many of us bought into the NEX line with the thought of shedding bulk and weight in our walkaround kit. Yes, a midrange zoom increases bulk and weight, as opposed to a midrange prime. But even with a zoom (a single zoom) the NEX is still much smaller and lighter than most APS-C DSLRs.

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