Why is m43 doomed after A7s?

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Re: A7 and m43 future is brighter than NEX aps-c

TiagoReil wrote:

Every week something form sony is DEAD. APS-C is dead, A-Mount is DEAD, NEX is dead, in the end, none of them are dead and are just people extrapolating and seen what ever they want to see. There has been no announcement to support what you say. I will agree that we may not get 4 or 5 lenses a year for APS-C, but even 3 a year, with the lineup we alraedy have, is quite good. The big misses of the current lineup are a 85mm, a tele zoom, and a macro lens. The first two could easily come soon. The last one is not that big of a problem, as most macro users use MF.

So, yes, maybe the lens release will come down a bit, but it wont be dead at all. The new FF lenses are very expensive to be used by an APS-C camera. 1000 dollars for a 35mm f2.8? only worth it on FF.

If you look at Nikon's DX line, Sony's APS-C E-mount actually exceeds DX for focal length choice already.  So I actually think there will not be any more APS-C E-mount lenses given that Sony is going to concentrate on FE mount where there are bigger margins.  APS-C has a very good lens choice at the moment, lacking only fast/long zoom (arguably 70-200/4 covers this even though it is FF) and a long macro (Zeiss's 50mm might offset this, whenever that comes out).

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