How to track a toddler's movement with X-E2

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Graham Hill wrote:

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Tracking a toddler is difficult with a Nikon D3s?? You do realize photographers shoot/shot pro sports with this camera right?

An adult can run very fast, but a toddler is more nimble and can turn his/her head or body faster than an adult can.

You havent seen an NFL game. Trust me, the athletes there can out run/out perform a toddler.

I have a 4-yr old that runs around (back and forth, left and right), not just like pro football running across the field. He can flip his body and move up and down the sofa very quickly.

I know as I have two kids, both of whom have gone through that stage. At the time I photographed them with an ancient Canon 350D and recall having no problems at all getting images.

Now with the X-E2 + AF-C, I can now track his movement much better, something the X-E1 simply cannot do.

My comments were not directed at your X-E2 methods.

But I should have mentioned that I was using D3s with the Nikon 50 1.4G lens. This lens is not fast in terms of AF performance. If I were to use Nikon 24-70 2.8, then AF tracking is much better in this regard.

Your comment implied that the D3S could not track a toddler, which I find impossible to believe.

Why are you so defensive about your camera?

You are mistaken. I don't own a Nikon DS3. I just know sports photographers who used it all the time to track something a bit faster than a toddler.

Amusing such people argue over a pro level DSLR with FAR SUPERIOR action AF , I used to own a D200 and that was much better for action than my X-E2 is, Oh is anyone's 2 year old is faster than a NFL PRO player, he has a great future ahead!

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