Ordered an LF1

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Re: Ordered an LF1

Dan W wrote:

Dan, I'll be looking forward to your impressions of the LF1, especially the viewfinder which has stirred up some controversy and differing opinions on the forum.


I should have it by the end of the week, Jack, and I'll let you know if the evf works for me. The Inspired Eye reviewer advises keeping both eyes open when using the evf. I'll give that a try.


Mine arrived today but I'm not allowed to have it yet because it's a Christmas present!

Regarding that viewfinder - As I understand it it is the same viewfinder that is in the FZ48 & FZ60. I've had both and despite now having the glorious viewfinder in the G6, the FZ48 & 60 had viewfinders that were small but perfectly acceptable to use all day long. Put it another way - I never, repeat never, used the LCD with either of them.

I'm pretty sure that the pictures I take with it will be no different than those from my TZ30 in the real world and that those from my G6 will only be marginally better. I won't be pixel peeping looking for soft corners either

There's a lot of garbage talked by reviewers about cameras and then it gets written in stone............

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