How to track a toddler's movement with X-E2

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Re: How to track a toddler's movement with X-E2

wchutt wrote:

.. If the AF could not keep up with the movements of a toddler, then those Nikon sports photographers would be unemployed.

The OP was talking about the X-E2 subject/face recognition and automatic lateral tracking of the recognized subject element. The D3S AF system has very limited subject recognition and tracking. That doesn't matter to a pro photographer, since they usually keep the AF point on target manually.

With an older DSLR (like the D3S) the lateral tracking -- keeping the AF point on target is mostly the skill of the photographer. The D3S does have what Nikon calls "3D tracking", which is a rudimentary ability to track laterally moving subjects, but few pro sports photographers would use or rely on that.

Pro DSLRs with sophisticated phase-detect AF do an excellent job of predictive fore/aft tracking of subjects moving toward or away from the camera. They do less well on lateral tracking, but operationally this doesn't matter to a pro, since they keep the AF point on target by manual skill.

Newer DSLR designs use high-res metering sensors, which do double-duty. Besides metering, there are sufficient pixels for subject recognition, even though the mirror is down and main sensor covered. They attempt to merge metering data with phase detect data for improved recognition and lateral tracking.

However the D3S has only 1005 metering pixels so is very limited in ability to recognize and track subjects laterally. The X-E2 -- despite being less expensive, lower performance in general, and less suited to pro sports photography -- might actually do better at auto-tracking of a toddler. This doesn't mean its AF system is generally superior to a D3S but in this one narrow area it is better.

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