Can you recommend Canon's best lenses?

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Can you recommend Canon's best lenses?

Though I have both Canon and Nikon bodies, I have little Canon glass.

I'm thinking of buying more.

I shoot fast primes. My standards are 24mm 1.4, 50mm (58mm) 1.4, 85mm 1.4, 135mm 2.0 and 200mm 2.0.

I've looked at reviews and comparisons at a number of places and can't find much evidence for Canon lenses being as good as my Nikkors.

Can you experts link to anything (which isn't pure opinion but has measurements of some sort - rendering is subjective) that shows which lenses of Canon's are better or equal to their Nikkor equivalents?

I realize Canon doesn't have a body that can resolves what a D800 can so that skews some testing. I'm expecting a high MP body from Canon and that's likely what I'd buy to go with any lenses I pick up. I'm oat interested in low distortion, CA, coma and aberration. Every lens will resolve more as sensors improve.

I'd like to replace my current set and money isn't an issue.

I'm not interested in 3rd party lenses unless they can only be bought for Canon. If I want to buy the Zeiss Otus I'll be more likely to buy it in Nikon mount as the aperture ring makes it more versatile for video on other bodies. However on Nikon there are lenses like the superb Costal Optics 60mm which is Nikon only. Lenses of that caliber that are Canon only are certainly of interest.

If you read my comment history you can see I'm no troll. Please don't waste your time if you're angry I'm not already aware or convinced that all things L are 'the best'. If they are, please post links so I can back my decisions with facts.

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