How to track a toddler's movement with X-E2

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Re: How to track a toddler's movement with X-E2

dual12 wrote:

Unlike you, he uses the D3s in that application, so I'm going with what he says.

Your comment is absurd.

At the same time the D3S AF system is so flexible it is a challenge to select the exact set of AF menu parameters required for  reliable action photography focusing. There are numerous articles available to get you started. The good news is once you have invested the time to set the AF system up properly, the menu parameters can be saved and reused as needed. And many of the parameter selection parameters apply to other Nikon DSLR bodies.  The bottom line is people pay the bills with  action photographs from the Nikon AF system. If the AF could not keep up with the movements of a toddler, then those Nikon sports photographers would be unemployed.

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