POV Cameras: threat to health?

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T3 wrote:

... And what's it to you if a small percentage of our species chooses to partake in activities that take them to dangerous extremes? Without these people, we would not have advanced as far as we have as a species. In any given population of a species, there will be individuals who will be naturally inclined towards risky behavior. You want these qualities in at least some individuals within a species, because that is a normal process of evolution, natural selection, pushing the boundaries, self-discovery, progress, etc. Whether it be deep see diving, or the first aquatic animal to crawl out of the water onto land, or the first feathered dinosaur who chose to leap from a tree to attempt flight, or any of a million other examples, the drive to take risk is a very, very, very valuable one!

Evolution? Natural Selection?

None of these "risky" behaviors are giving the thrill-seekers any evolutionary advantage over the rest of us.

They aren't any better at gathering food, finding a mate & procreating, or surviving climate change and natural disasters.

Until civilization breaks-down, these risky behaviors are just risky behaviors... for bragging rights and/or satisfying the need to push themselves to the limit.

The funny thing is that the risk takers normally plan things out in great detail, so that it is only a risk - and not certain doom.

The danger of POV cameras is not to the people wearing the camera, it is to the people who watch the videos and think that they can easily replicate what is actually a carefully-researched & practiced stunt with tested equipment.

Risk takers have always existed, but POV cameras, the internet, and YouTube have made them famous.

As the OP points out: The risk takers aren't removing themselves from the gene pool, it is the unskilled imitators who are getting banged-up while trying that stunt they think looks "easy".

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