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Re: What do you expect at 1/6th?

marike6 wrote:

antoineb wrote:


from where I'm sitting, you sound like you're trying to make sound horribly complicated and messy, something that's so simple.

Do you think?

This is a perfect example of over-thinking a photographic situation by making long lists of mistakes and potential fixes like "use base ISO". Base ISO? At night? Don't you think you should be going in the other direction on the ISO scale?

No!  Read my first post and the discussion regarding noise, DR etc later on.  Have a look at the RawDigger image.

The OP's GX7 train image was 1/6 at ISO 800!!! By the way, tripods are always appropriate at night, but in this case you still need a fast enough shutter speed to freeze motion blur.

Of course.  That is why I did the EV calculation .... to arrive that this EV pair: f/2.8, 1/250th

Here is my list for ways to improve above image:

1) Mount a large aperture lens like the PL 24 f/1.4 and crank up ISO until your shutter speed is fast enough to freeze the train

I don't think so.  You are coupling your ISO to your exposure meter, which as you know will give very incorrect data (about 3-4 stops)  in a situation with black luminance with some specular brights (the coloured lights).   Better to use M(anual), set lens wide open, set shutter interval to 1/250s (to stop motion and prevent oversaturation of the coloured lights, and set ISO to base ... to minimize the noise in the snow/rail context.

You missed the whole point of the exercise.  You missed the whole point of the initial post.

The photographer screwed up by using an AE mode ... in this case A(perture) Priority.   And let the camera overexpose the image, blowing the highlights and using a long exposure leading to motion blur of both the camera and the train.

2) Take image

2) Go get some hot chocolate or an adult holiday beverage.

I will follow your last piece of advice.  Not your earlier advice!


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