Lest we forget: slide film.

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Re: Lest we forget: slide film.

RedFox88 wrote:

SeeRoy wrote:

Many of the slides I'm scanning are much the worse for wear and neglect but even the best of them are a complete joke in terms of technical quality when compared with even today's cheapest, simplest, digital camera.

"technical quality". Hmm, this means the technique you were using in the 70s was poor: camera shake, misfocused, shutter speed too slow for the desired result. Autofocus helps a lot as does a fast enough shutter speed at all times (digital ISO) helps bunches too. Those 2 elements are what you may be thinking that today's P&S cameras out perform older slide film.

Someone, who knows what they are doing, can shoot film today with great sharp results with incredible detail. You don't need digital for that!

Absolutely true.  Here at DPR all everyone cares about is gear, gear, gear.  Good technique is hardly ever mentioned.

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