I dont understand this voting system

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Brian in Montana
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Re: I dont understand this voting system

Thank you for the compliments, also el. I'm no expert in statistics (but used it a lot in my career) or with a camera (but trying to get better) - I just hope to understand things I am involved in as best I can.

I'm not qualified to host a DPR Challenge at this point, and don't know if I would anyway because I think the onus is on the host to "police" it in a way that might eliminate biases where they exist (read lots of time and effort). That could mean reviewing the ratings in detail and perhaps using PMs to prod "outlying raters" for an explanation of their ratings. If there are attempted manipulations going on, it shouldn't be too hard to identify the source(s). Anyway, let's not lose sleep over it. If people become too disillusioned with the Challenges, then Challenges will be discontinued sooner or later due to lack of participation. Until then, the methodology for determining final rankings seems capable of damping out most of the unfortunate noise.

Regards, Brian

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