Once in a year opportunity : ) .... messed up. : (

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Re: What do you expect at 1/6th?

antoineb wrote:


from where I'm sitting, you sound like you're trying to make sound horribly complicated and messy, something that's so simple.

The shoot certainly doesn't look overexposed, yet it was done at 1/6th of a second, and amplifying the signal to get to ISO 800. If you had used ISO 200 then obviously the camera would have needed just 1./1.5th second assuming same aperture.

Look at the image. See all of the coloured lights that are blown? That is the result of overexposure causing oversaturation combined with clipping due to an ISO that is too high.

Look at the RAW rendering in RawDigger here to confirm the overexposure.

Under such circumstances I'm sure you're aware you'd need a tripod (your shot shows bad blurring from movement of your own hands) and you obviously couldn't expect a crisp image of the train but rather lines of movement. Even if the train was apparently not moving very fast, or else it would be even blurrier.

The tripod is a good idea.   I would consider using a tripod so that I could shoot at a moderate shutter speed .... in M(anual) Mode.... to capture some train motion blur without any camera shake.

Then, weird, you compare this failed shot, with a shot done at 1/400th of a second. Not sure what the point is, apart from the fact that 1/400th will indeed freeze subject movement, and hand movement, whereas 1/6th will not. But we all knew this already.

The reason I did the EV calculation was to see what shutter speed I should use at f2/8 to reduce exposure by 3-4 stops.

Finally I'm kind of surprised that you seem to feel this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Read the thread title again.

Once in a year opportunity : ) .... messed up. : (

TheChristmas train won't be by again until Christmas 2014, about a year from now.

I mean if trains pass by your backyard, and with the Internet and most train schedules being available on-line from train companies and train spotters, surely you have the opportunity to make this shot several times per day, right?

I have photographed the trains quite often during the day (see the first image). Now I will do some at night.

Good luck


Nice night pix here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/antoinebach/sets/72157625655898918/


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