Once in a year opportunity : ) .... messed up. : (

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Re: Once in a year opportunity : ) .... messed up. : (

locke_fc wrote:

You're definitely over-thinking your "post-mortem".

It's much simpler than that. If you want to freeze movement, you shoot in shutter-speed priority at 1/250-1/500, or 1/30-1/60 if you pan your camera and are confident in your Planning technique.

I often shoot S(hutter) in the daytime ... that bald eagle above above was shot in shutter priority.  I don't see why I would bother with any form of AE (auto exosure) since my meter is kinda useless in those conditions.  Just shoot Manual, with my finger on the shutter dial (GX7), to change it if I want.  (I could do that in Shutter priority too.)

Thanks for confirming 1/250 -1/500 s.   I assume that is at f/2.8.

It looks to be in the ballpark.  Look at Art_P's shot at f/1.8, 1/40, I see from the FXIF that he was spot metering.  Even with that his auto exposure system overexposed significantly, judging by the overexposure of the large "ribbon" on the car.   I don't know which AE mode he was in.

You can let the camera take care of the rest with maybe some -EV applied to account for the night scene.

I figure about 3-4 stops of EC.  Again why just not go M(anual) mode instead of compensating (useless) meter readings.

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Have you shot this sort of thing .... moving specular highlights in the full dark?
I'd like to see some examples if you have.

Many thanks,


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