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Re: Entertaining depiction of an almost impossible shooting situation.

Corkcampbell wrote:

Sometimes it's just not possible to get the perfect shot despite everything you've done. I think that all of us would have had trouble with the OP's nighttime train situation.

I followed up on Doug Brown's suggestion by looking at a news story of the Hamilton Event.

There are 15 still images in the story ----- and a very instructive video showing photographers trying to capture the sight ... at dusk.

On Saturday night, almost 20,000 people flocked to Gage Park to be a part of something special. It wasn't just the annual Canadian Pacific (CP) Holiday Train passing through—Hamilton was one of three signature events on top of 150 other fundraisers in Canada and the United States to emphasize the seriousness of hunger.

This is Heidi Ulrichsen's image that graced the front page of Sudbury's Northern Life .

Probably shot in JPEG with no post processing .... too bad.

This reminds me of when I was recording (with GH3 and GH2 cameras) a huge evening performance by over 100,000 people in the world's largest stadium in July. Of course, the lights constantly changed, as in a colorful Broadway play or concert. I just couldn't get the white balance correct and blamed myself and the fact I had a new camera (GH3). There were also some people like CNN and the big Japanese team (NHK?) filming with much more expensive equipment. I actually went to this event twice to try to get it right because it was so unusual.

The next day, I told people that I was really disappointed in my failure. However, after the clips by the professional media people, I realized that my clips were actually closer to the color, and showed some details of floats and people that were blown out by the pro cameras. My cheesy little GH cameras had done a better job, and also gave sharper (although far from perfect because of distance and one camera being handheld) images. Another plus for the little m4/3 cameras is that I was filming clandestinely - non-stop recording was not allowed. So, CNN, the Japanese, and the others were told to stop and put the cameras away, take down their tripods, etc. They didn't even notice me, sitting in the best seat in the front row, with my little GH3 on a small tripod continually shooting but with its display turned in, and the GH2 in my lap. As far as I know, I am the only one to get an uninterrupted spectator recording of the entire event, some of which I put on YouTube.

Nice work!

So, the OP shouldn't beat himself to death over this - it's a major challenge, and he'll get it right next year, or the year after...

Then I'll put it along side this image !!!

Thanks for your encouragement.


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