Why I bought the X-E2 + 35mm 1.4 instead of A7 + 55mm 1.8

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Re: Leader in what, small size or starting and dropping new mounts

marike6 wrote:

Graham Hill wrote:

Again, absolutely agree. Sony is the leader now in digital cameras. The rest are followers. Sony just needs to get their lenses in order to complete the package.

Lol. Sony is the leader in making cameras smaller and cramming tons of tech into cameras but still not making reliable shooters. Sony could barely get its Alpha system to see even though they inherited all of the great Minolta glass and mount. The NEX system still doesn't have many good lenses at all and now there is some question as to whether its going to continue considering Sony engineers say they want to "do something different every 6 months". Which is exactly why few pros will ever adopt any of the Sony cameras.

So I can't imagine how you figure Sony is the leader in anything. You won't find barely a single professional photographer shooting the A7/A7r for events, weddings, sports, portraiture, etc. The A7 would seem to be mainly of interest to amateur shooters, vacationers, and gear heads who must have a FF camera for family photos.

I know plenty of pros who use Sony cameras and see plenty of those whom I dont know with Sony's.

There have been FF cameras around for years a heck of a lot more performant than the Sony's top of the line A7/A7r. Top of the line Canikon cameras are in a different league in term of shooting. Forget it. For IQ, two cameras with the exact same Sony sensor have been around in the form of the D600/D610 and D800E for two years. The difference the Nikons actually have world class AF systems and an actual SLR system of lenses and flashes built around those bodies.

You completely miss the point of the A7.  If people wanted a D600, then they'd get one.   There were an ridiculously large number of people waiting for someone to produce a mirrorless FF camera.  Sony led the way to that goal.  The wait is OVER.  Fact.

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