Initial impressions: Fuji X100s vs. Sony RX1

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Re: Initial impressions: Fuji X100s vs. Sony RX1

Daniel Lauring wrote:

Graham Hill wrote:

Daniel Lauring wrote:

Firmware: It would be great if Sony could fix the flash with a firmware update, but their record of providing firmware updates is the opposite of Fuji. They are more inclined to fix things on the next release.

Simply not true. Sony NEX and Alpha cameras have had numerous firmware updates. 7 if their numbering sequences is fully accurate.

7 for which camera?

Either the Alpha or NEX series cameras.   I found it searching with Google.  I'm not a Sony user so I can't know all the details although I do recall a big blast of excitement with one NEX firmware update that made the NEX cameras "useable".

What percentage of Sony high end cameras have had firmware upgrades?

Dont know.  I dont own any Sony cameras.

Why isn't there one for the RX1 yet? How about the RX100?

Why isnt there a firmware update for my XF1?  The in-camera RAW converter is useless as designed?  Why arent all the other bugs fixed?  It's been a year since the XF1 has been released.

My comment is historically accurate. It goes way back to the days of buying laptops. My Dell, Toshiba, IBM laptops all got multiple bios upgrades over their lifetimes. Some to improve performance, some for fixes, some to add compatibility with new devices. I owned two Sony laptops and neither got a single bios update, despite complaints and despite Sony releasing a follow-up laptop the next year that looked nearly identical with many of the fixes in it's bios that were asked for on the previous model. That and my other Sony laptop experience swore me off Sony computers forever.

I dont know anything about Sony computers.  I use a Mac.

The battery died on my 3 week old Sony laptop and their reply was that batteries weren't covered under warranty.

I went to Sony's support site and see nothing about batteries being excluded under their warranty. Nothing at all.  Without such text, BY LAW, their batteries are covered, at least in the US.

I guess that is technically true and it makes sense for an expendable battery to not have the same warranty as the rest of the laptop, but no warranty at all!!! They wanted me to buy a new battery for $200. Luckily, after much cajoling, the store I bought it from replaced the battery themselves. It was sad too, because Sony released some really dynamite hardware.

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