Once in a year opportunity : ) .... messed up. : (

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Re: Once in a year opportunity : ) .... messed up. : (

GeorgianBay1939 wrote:

eastvillager wrote:

Prefocus, use a tripod and camera flash and a wireless flash down off to the right and you could have nailed it. Take a look at O. WInston Link's railroad photos. He used a ton of lights to photograph this train under a full head of steam.

Thanks for that link.

I don't think that I'll buy and/or carry all of that apparatus around!

Great Imagery and story at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/O._Winston_Link

Phenomenal Photograph (at the wiki link above) Takes us old f@rts back a bit. Those were the days.


Indeed.  I had the fortune to know Winston personally, a very gentle man.  In regards to the photos, on average he took 2 days to set up the scene and lighting for the photograph, plus the darkroom work (which is where I got to know him, he used the shop I managed to do some print processing).

If you expect to get results from a moving train...then, reading the prior replies, a tripod on this shoot is an absolute MUST.  Frankly, if you *really* want to get this shot without doing a "Winston" (200 light bubls set around the scene), you'd better expect an HDR with one for background and one for the freeze-motion of the train exclusively.  There is way too much dynamic range to ever expect to get a single shot that includes both the lights, well exposed, and some feeling of the ambient conditions around the train.  Not going to happen.

This is a brilliant idea. Go out tonight and shoot the same scene without the train. Then superimpose the somewhat blurry train from the first shot onto the sharp background of the second. It won't help with the clipped highlights but it will help with the camera shake, which was the worst problem.

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