Once in a year opportunity : ) .... messed up. : (

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My answers: MISTAKES

  1. Used my 14-140 (wide open at f/5.3) while my brighter 30-100 f2/8 lens sat in the truck. 
  2. Wasted time going to ISO800.
  3. Wasted time going to burst mode.
  4. Used the EVF to frame the scene.
  5. Used Auto exposure to expose the scene.

1) That would have raised the shutter speed to 1/24 at most. Not that much of an improvement.

2) If you lowered the ISO to 200, that would put the shutter speed back to 1/6th which you suggest is a mistake.

3) Burst mode is fine. Just take your finger off the shutter.

4) Yeah, I agree. Two eyes are better when you don't have an OVF.

5) hmmm.

But I had lots of LIGHT (all those light bulbs), and could've shot at EV 11 ... which, with f/2.8, gets a 1/250 second shutter interval. (no need for a tripod when shooting FL 130mm (eq FOV) at that speed). I might drop that down a stop to 1/125s as a bit of train motion blur wouldn't be bad.

At this setting, you would have more trouble bringing up the background, even from base iso, than you would have at 1/6 of a second at 800 ISO.

Another afterthought. It might be fun to try this several ways ... to use a tripod to get a LOT of motion blur.



Forget the background snow and shoot primarily for the lights only. The headlight is exposing the snow in the front of the train ... use that more. Shoot one high ISO and high shutter speed and shoot one base and see which one looks better. As you say, shoot one long exposure on a tripod.

You need more cameras ...

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