OMD severe flash exposure problem

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Re: Flash behaviour for all to see.

New Daddy wrote:

Paulmorgan wrote:

This hole thread has been a bit of a lame argument, TTL will always differ between different brands and different bodies, nothing is perfect.

The gist of this thread is what is different about Olympus' TTL, not the fact that it is different from other systems. Of course Olympus' TTL is different from other systems. That goes without saying.

To be honest I have seen nothing that is different about Olympus?Panasonic flash then and I use TTL a lot, you need to follow the same set of rules for Olympus TTL just like you do for any other camera flash.

Of course you will see subtle differences between systems, but all are within about 1/3 of a stop + or -.

I found Canon exposed a little more to the right preserving more in the shadows, while Olympus exposes a little more to the left preserving more in the highlights, its no biggy.

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