Steve Huff review A7/R, say they will take over the world!

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Re: Steve Huff review A7/R, say they will take over the world!

I spent quite a while trying the cameras out in the store. The A7r feels slower than the A7 because of the extended shutter sound and blackout time. The A7r shutter sounds like coins falling through a series of slot machine gates. The store had several models out, and some had gone to sleep. They took several seconds to wake up. Turning the camera on also took several seconds. It would seem interminable if one was watching the shot one desired disappear. Also, the rear screen is apparently either on all the time or off all the time, necessitating menu-diving to switch (according to the staff, anyway).

If I were to buy this camera, I think Huff would be right in that it would require slowing down one's style. I'd have to keep the sleep mode at 30 minutes (i.e. the maximum time as apparently you can't just turn mode off), keep the back LCD off, as I don't chimp anyway, turn off all the wifi/NFC/whatever stuff that drain the battery, and also have several batteries on hand in order to make it work for me. I'm not sure yet whether it would be worth spending all that money for the limited advantages over a 5D with the 40mm 2.8.

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