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Sold my D800...keeping my D7000

I agree completely. FF just wasn't for me, especially with the cost of a Nikon's wide angles. And when I shoot my birds, I crop anyway.

I had a D800 and D7000, and wanted a wide angle lens. I was going to purchase the 16-35mm VR, but was having a hard time with the price. So I decided to try the 10-24mm DX, and use it on the D7000. I couldn't be happier. 15-36mm equivalent for just over $700. At that point, I came to the conclusion that my D800, and FF was unnecessary for my needs. The majority of my shooting is of small critters, so I'm always cropping anyway, and now I have true wide angle in DX format. I just need a top of the line DX camera.

I'll pass on the D7100. I'm going to hold on to the D7000 and wait it out. There IS a market for the D400. 24MP in a D800 type body with its big viewfinder (The D2 series had the big viewfinder, so it can be done). 51 point AF, usable ISO 6400, 8FPS and a BIG buffer. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

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