Initial impressions: Fuji X100s vs. Sony RX1

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Re: Initial impressions: Fuji X100s vs. Sony RX1

Gaijin Tourist wrote:

A) it's another one of these 'brick' form factor cameras that allows a hotshoe flash or an add-on EVF, but not both, a problem hardly unique to Sony. . . .

That isn't a big problem for me because I don't see myself mounting a huge flash on a small camera like the RX1 or the X100s for that matter. I want the built in flash to add a little fill or to trigger an off camera flash. Both of these are going to be difficult with the lack of flash control in fill.

B) and I really hate plugging in the camera to recharge. Have they offered spare batts / offboard charging ?

Sony offers an optional charger which, unlike the rest of the accessories, is not overpriced. Better still there are lots of aftermarket batteries and chargers available as the RX1 shares batteries with the RX100.  Also, having the option of USB charging is really nice.  You can charge the camera with the same charger you charge your cell phone with.  It can save bringing along a charger on a short trip.  All cameras should offer in camera USB charging as an option.

C) maybe not a factor considering the buy-in price of the camera, but the accessory prices are just obscene.

Of course you don't have to buy Sony's accessories...except for the EVF which is obscenely priced.

And I doubt Sony will be anywhere near as attentive as Fuji in offereing continuing software updates, but then, I can hardly think of anyone else who does so on the scale that Fuji has.

Sony has a disappointing record with firmware updates (except for the mentioned NEX), RX1 included. More troubling is how Sony will do something brilliantly innovative only to not follow the product, just let it die on the vine. They've done this several times with cameras (for example the R1.)

A remarkable and properly celebrated camera, just not for me. And I have no Sony axe to grind: I'm VERY interested in the RX10.

The sensor is fantastic. The lens as good as a $1000 professional prime lens. If Sony had the flash technology of Canon or Nikon or even Fuji I wouldn't be second guessing keeping it.

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