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Re: Not "Camera of the Year", Favorite Gear of Year of one DPR staff member.

marike6 wrote:

Steve Bingham wrote:

Olympus was just named "Camera of the Year".

I agree with almost everything you wrote, but the OMD actually wasn't named "Camera of the Year". It is, IMO, a poorly named series of articles that DPR is doing where each staff member picks their favorite camera of 2013. I get that m43 fans will probably go around saying that the DPR picked the EM-1 as the "Camera of the Year", but the staff has said many times that they "Gear of the Year" serious are just opinion pieces about gear each reviewer likes.

The first camera picked with the X100s, the second was the GM-1 and the third was the EM-1. Three DPR reviewers had three different choices of favorite camera.

With all the great cameras released in 2013, picking a m43 camera as the "Best of" would be a stretch at best. It's not particularly small like most m43 cameras, IQ is not up to the extremely high standard set by the recent APS-C cameras like the X-E2, D7100 and K-3. It just isn't.

Well..extremely high standard" becomes rather relative when we include the Sony A7R. The best out of the three sensor you mention, the D7100 (Fuji..we don't know) performs much closer to the Em1 than the A7R. The K3 is even closer to that...So with you reasoning, the A7R of course should be the camera of the year. And each and every time a new FF, as long as it has better IQ than any APS-c, should retain that title.

I thought dpreview was talking about gear of the year. And it is not too far fetched to say that EM1 is at least a strong contender. Its weathersealing at that price point is unparalleled. It is very versatile and now lets 43 users use all their lenses in a usefull way. It had a strong lens line up, surely now that you can use probably the best lenses ever made (4/3 lenses). There is not single brand that has such high grade glass if I am correct. IBIS that works great. Probably the best EVf out there. And a very well performing sensor...It does a lot of things good. So I do not consider it a far stretch at all.

Anyway, I love my new X-E1. It's a blast to shoot with, has a silky smooth shutter sound, and IQ in low-light is terrific. The X-E2 is a great camera, but I see it as an incremental upgrade on the already excellent X-E1. But I do agree with mostly everything you wrote in your post about the X-E2 vs EM-1. Images just seem to have more depth, and nicer colors. I owned the E-PL5 and colors had such an incredibly strong warm bias, even in RAW, that it was kind of a shock to my system as a Nikon user.

Well I have the EPl5 too and in RAw you can easily adjust it if you do not like it. A non-argument I think. And I ahve seen quite a few Fuji high ISO shots that seem to lose a lot of their colour. Could be a problem with a RAW convertor thogh, unsure. But I did not like that.

Many people will have a knee jerk reaction and pick the A7r just because it a smaller FF mirrorless. I never pick cameras on size, it's always about the VF, controls, and IQ. If I had to pick one camera, after reading this excellent review from professional photographer Sam Hurd, I'd pick the Nikon Df for "Camera of the Year". This thing drinks light, and unlike the A7/A7r, has a beautiful, bright OVF and a whisper quiet shutter sound.

Nikon Df - Short User Review


Well....you just discarded the EM1 based on IQ, so yes, the A7R comes to mind with that mindset. Otherwise, the EM1 seems to have some of the best controls on any cam. It has the best EVF out there. Its AF is more acurate than any of the systems you mentioned.

I do agree with your Df assessemnt or preference. I am not saying it is the best out there, but I think it deserves a whole lot more credit than it  has been given by some reviewers. It is a fantastic cam and the pics I saw with that cam are incredibly good!

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