ISOless sensors, read noise and photography - many questions!

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Re: can't see harm in showing your raw file counter-example

RussellInCincinnati wrote:

But in paragraph 3 of 3 of that 21st post, in a summary, I did not mention that my experience was only with a Nex C3 or Lightroom.

Right, and that's the bit of the whole discussion that a zealot would quote to justify telling everyone to do it. I often see that happen, hence my addition.

Where's some evidence, where's your low-ISO raw file from some reasonably modern camera? That shows that today's raw file software, which basically only exists to let people do things like brighten an image, can't easily work as about as well as in-camera high-ISO settings, to brighten dim images?

You're still missing the point. There's no question that today's converters can brighten low-ISO data very well (I know that by testing half a dozen two years ago), I'm not challenging that and there's no need for you to prove it. But the shooting, processing, and IQ penalties of limiting ISO are not acceptable to me, for the way I shoot and process images, using my camera.

If I were to provide two files, you would produce a brightened image from the dark one and claim that it's acceptable in comparison with the bright one, but you can't impose your judgement of acceptability on me. It's not about the files or the converters, it's about whether there's a benefit for the individual photographer and only they can know their truth.

You and I are not photographic celebrities. Nobody knows if you and I have the slightest amount of skill or insight, just from reading our names. Posting images and files is trivial these days. Thus am claiming it is wasting readers' time for us argue for a photographic workflow, or warn against it--without at least one example that our posts are opinions of people with helpful skills and experience.

You're attacking something I didn't say and I'm not going to be lured into defending it. You can't stop me advocating personal testing! 

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