On Sharpness, ISO and Shutter Speed

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Re: Quite a lot of problem parameters...

Falk's studies are here, and there's others out there too. He's done some more on the same site too, with other cameras. I also have some accelerometer studies on the older D700 that basically say just the same thing, regarding the time spread of the vibration.

Someone in our astro-group did formal tests with long lenses collar mounted, on starscapes (actually distant point-source lights, not really "stars"...) :), I'll see if I find them, and get back to you. That was just for two cameras though, but I've found the general theory sound in practice too. Placing a hand on the camera when shooting with long lenses mounted to the collar gives sharper images in the 1/30-1/200s range than using timer release or remote release, something I've found that others that I trust to be reasonably methodical about their photography to concur on.

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