Once in a year opportunity : ) .... messed up. : (

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Re: Once in a year opportunity : ) .... messed up. : (

LincolnB wrote:

Train shots at night pretty much require a tripod.

I would use a tripod to stop camera shake IF I WANTED SOME MOTION BLUR.

Otherwise I could shoot hand held at f/2.8, 1/250s.

Yes, a photo like yours, a beauty by the way, required a tripod to get that LOW EV (wide open down in the fractions of seconds) shot ... trees etc.

I suspect you had less light than you think.

Not really.  I had a lot MORE light in those coloured lights than I or the camera metering thought.  That is why the A(perture) priority system blew/clipped those coloured lights with that very long exposure.

For that extreme lighting situation no metering would help.  Specular lights in the black will always be blown by metered exposure, won't they.

If the train is providing the key light then you're going to have trouble picking up any shadow detail, as well.

Yes.  Agree.  But the only data I  really needed for the photograph was the exposure of the coloured lights and enough data to show the snow and the rail to provide context.  My camera doesn't have enough DR to capture both the coloured lights (without blowing them) AND the darkness of the train itself.

I think that I will have to do some practicing ... trying to emulate the quality of your photo above would be a good exercise for me.

Thanks for your comments.


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