Once in a year opportunity : ) .... messed up. : (

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Re: Once in a year opportunity : ) .... messed up. : (

cheddargav wrote:

Funny because my first reaction was "your lens was never gonna be up to the job and your shutter speed was too slow".

As for the ISO, had you dropped it to 200 your shutter speed would've been even slower. Even with your f2.8 lens you'd have needed to bump the ISO up in that darkness, then you'd have had to have a demon panning technique nailed down OR hoped to be able to get your shutter speed up to maybe 1/200.

Still, it's all good learning!

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But I am photographing the pattern of the lights, and maybe a bit of illuminated snow and rails.

Shooting in M(anual) Mode would have solved all of the issues in your second paragraph.

I would have shot at f2/8, 1/250 resulting in a significant underexposure of the scene as calculated BY THE METERING SYSTEM. So I'd ignore the metering system, shoot a short interval to grab those very bright coloured lights and at base ISO to avoid clipping the lights and to give me enough DR to push the snow illuminated by the lights.

I have been shooting AE for too long and have become too dependent on my metering in all modes.

This is a classic case where I need to shoot M(anual) to decouple the AE system. And to use ISO maximize DR (instead of driving Exposure Value)

I had forgotten that ALL that I want to capture are the coloured light display and a bit of context, the snow around the front of the train.

Still, it's all good learning!

Yes, for sure!!!


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