Nikon Df - A low cost Nikon D4 ?

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Re: Nikon Df - A low cost Nikon D4 ?

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I believe some people are still not aware that MADE IN JAPAN adds a premium to the price of whatever is made there That also gives one a reasonable guarantee of high quality and resale value. It is not a 2nd or 3rd world sweatshop country. I am sure if the Df was made in Thailand it would have been far cheaper. And even cheaper still if made in Bangladesh. If made in Germany or the USA then the price may hit the roof.

The D800 is made in Japan and it has had its issues.

Thats not surprising as every new product can be susceptable to problems no matter where it is made.

In my business we use a lot of Makita tools. The ones made in Japan are the best quality but can be up to twice the price of comparable Makita tools made in China. The ones made in China are still very good and outwardly quite indistinguisable but skimp on quality components and materials to cut costs. Sustained heavy duty use eventually reveals their weakness.

Right. Same with every other product I know of. It is not that Chinese are not capable of making equally high quality products, but in that case they would no longer be cheaper products.

Tell me what product do you own was designed and Made in China? NONE!!

Actually, I have no idea. My V1 and the lens on it, as well as the 50/1.4G is made in China, but where they are designed I have no clue. I am not sure that everything is designed the same place, so I am not sure that it is designed in the same building or even the same country (Japan) as the D800.

Made in China and designed outside of China, all mfg decisions is by the order the company that requests the product to be made using what materials they specify.
If the mfg side screws up, the quality control person would kick it back saying do it again which is all hired by the non-chinese company.

Crappy products - Toys with lead paint, Some electronics, Cheap tools (Harbor freight), Clothes/Bags, shoes
Good Products - Toys, Ipad/electronics/Circuit Boards, Cameras, Decent Tools (Husky), Clothes/Bags, shoes

It isnt where it is made that is the scapegoat, it is to what standard it is made to. Which is all in the control of the company. And no name brand does not mean it is good, it could mean it is crap.
USA stuff could be more crap than chinese made goods, actually I dont even trust USA goods anymore. We have a super high overhead, so imagine hiring a quality control person that knows his stuff for a low price? That is rare. With mfg in China we can use cheap labor then hire a expensive quality control person from say the USA/Germany to inspect in China.

I am not saying that everything made in China is cr@p, but I must disagree with you about manufacturing quality. A product made in Germany, Switzerland or Japan is in my opinion higher quality than the made in China, Thailand, Bangladesh and so on. That is true for the same brand as well. Products which are only made in one place, like Ipad, can not be compared since they are only made in one place. I have no idea about how many problems Ipad owners have which might be due to sweat shop manufacturing, nor do I care, but generally speaking, yes, sweat shop manufacturing results in lesser quality. By that, I am not saying that that everything made in those countries are bad, lets be clear about that. I generally don't turn products around to find out where they are made, except if I am discussing it or if I have to judge their quality or have a problem with them.

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