Panasonic G7: will the GX7 sensor be good enough..

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Panasonic G7: will the GX7 sensor be good enough..

I truelly wonder. Simply because purely based on the time passed since the last significant step up from Sony is about three years old. The incremental steps however, start to count also...EM1 gained a similar small step compared to EM5...But how about GX7? And what about G7 if we suppose it will be introduced in the summer of 2014..?

Let's see what happened by comparing the 2010 (Gh2, D90 and D7000), 2013 (G6, D7000, GX7) and 2013 (GX7, EM1, D7100). Only Noise and Dynamic range, to keep things a bit readable...

First the situation in 2010. We see that the new D7000 really is better than D90 and quite distance has developped between GH2 and D7000 especially.

Tonality behaves much like Noise and Colour sensitivity much like Dyanmic range.

So from the above we see that D7000 is really better especially at base ISO when it comes to DR compared to D90 and is well over the expected 2/3 stop better than GH2..

G5 2012 and G6 2013 performed almost identical to things changed for Panasonic when GX7 recently entered the scene. So lets see what happened when we compare it to the D7000 and the G6.

Again, tonality behaves much like noise in all these cams and colour sensitivity like Dynamic range.

So here we see that, bar base ISO, the GX7 has caught up where it mattered (DR and Colour sensitivity). It distances itself quite a bit from the G6. But how does the GX7 stack up against current sensors..

Again, tonaility behaves much like noise and Colour sensitivity much like dynamic range in these graphs..

We see that D7100 noise (and tonality) is irtually identical to D7000. The dynamic range at the lowest ISo is a bit worse, but it is better from there onwards. Note that EM1 is pretty close to D7100 and GX7 is not quite there especially at the lower ISO's...

So, the distance between GX7 and D7100is not as big as Gh2 and D7000, but it is signfiicant again. Now Sony sensors did not progress a lot. That is the point, It is not Nikon, just compare the K5-K5II and K3 and you'll see the same, very small gain from 2010-2013.

How long will this last? If the next generation Sopny sensors gains another 1/3 to 2/3 of a stop which seems feasable, the G7 will be at the same distance as the GH2 was in 2010. And so we are back at square one again: G7 might be a very good cam, just like the G6, but its IQ is falling behind significantly....

So I hope Fuji/Panny organic sensors will arrive sooner than later (and perform like they promise).

Another thing that is really, really needed is PDAF as accurate and reliable as the one on the EM1. Given the price difference, the speed can be lower (5 fps or so).

So to my mind, to really make the G7 a true succes we need PDAF and we need better IQ than GX7 gives us. The GX7 EVF needs faster refresh rates. If Panasonic can and wants to make this, combined with all the best things from GX7 and G6 the cam will be a huge succes I think.

But, my main point: I think using the exact same sensor like the GX7 in the G7 is not going to be good enough...What do you think?

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