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Re: future of DSLR

I thought about this randomly the other day.. up until now, and for the foreseeable future, lenses/light has ruled photography... i.e. a lens focusing light through an aperture and hitting a sensor.  Exposure is dependent on these ingredients.

Perhaps sometime in the (distant) future, light and lenses will be taken out of the equation altogether.  Computers and Quantum technology may be able to scan a scene and understand the way that light could optimally interact with the materials involved.  In this way, producing images doesn't involve waiting for and manipulating the best light, but rather knowing beforehand what the best light would be for the subjects.  But I guess CGI is kind of doing this already.

But yea, as for DSLRs, they need to simplify and streamline the buttons and menus.  Not less features, but I'd hope to be able to navigate any feature within 2-3 clicks of a intelligible menu.

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