On Sharpness, ISO and Shutter Speed

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Re: does your 100-300 work better at slower than 1/25th?

RussellInCincinnati wrote:

Anders W wrote:It's a challenge to get tack-sharp results but it is certainly possible. Here's one available at full resolution (it is a crop) for your pixel-peeping pleasure:

Don't see how this could have been done better.

A tripod sometimes help but is no panacea. I have shutter-shock problems with my E-M5 and 100-300/4-5.6 at 300 mm in the critical range of shutter speeds (from about 1/25 to about 1/250) even in tripod-based shooting. In order to get sharp results with this combo, I simply have to move out of that range.

Are you saying that at 300mm, the results are sharper at 1/15th of a second than at 1/50th?

If shooting from a tripod so that we can rule out ordinary camera shake, yes. The shutter-shock problem peaks at about 1/100 s or slightly above that point. As you go higher, it disappears quite quickly and rather abruptly at a speed roughly corresponding to the flash sync speed (1/250 on the E-M5). As you go lower it disappears more gradually and it is more difficult to specify any particular limit.

The reasons are in all likelihood as follows: As you go to higher speeds, an increasingly small part of the displacement of the camera caused by the shutter will have time to register in the image. Possibly, the different behavior of the shutter above the flash sync limit also plays a part here. As you go to lower speeds, an increasingly small proportion of the entire exposure will be affected by the short-lived displacement of the camera.

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