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Re: It's all part of the plan

Thanks Bajerunner. I feel I'm not crazy alone

John, but what you describe would be customers running to Canon for the lack of Nikon offerings, but that ain't happpening...

Because Canon is doing exactly the same thing

Canon too is holding their 7d II, so both companies are milking their DX customers with more and more entry and mid level DX cams...

For sure Canon shooters were not asking for the 70D before the 7d II, but that's all they got.

Both C/N know their customers won't leave to Pentax or Oly, because you're already too invested in glass to leave the house.

Naturally, you can refuse to spend another penny with Nikon while waiting, but there're too many customers out there with enough GAS to buy every new camera they release.

The plan works for real, just look how many DX shooters moved to the D600/D800 while waiting... or tried the D7100 to stay in DX land...

But there's one important thing:  they have already done the milking, it's been 6 years of milking since the D300.

I believe the D400 is just around the corner. That, or it's true, Nikon have entirely abandoned the pro DX market.

IMO, we shall know the answer in 2014.

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