Nikon Df - A low cost Nikon D4 ?

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Re: Nikon Df - A low cost Nikon D4 ?

Jay Paul H wrote:

fujishooter wrote:

The D800 was my first Nikon camera. I really could use a second body. The Df offers something in addition to the capabilities of the D800. I do not need the FPS, build quality, size, weight or significant cost of a D4. There are probably quite a few other D800 owners that feel the same way. I'm picking mine up today.

Jay Paul
Please give feedback as I own a D800 and is very tempted by the Df

P.S. - Please remember most of the negative posts are from people that have either never even seen one or at best picked one up and handled it briefly.

Which is the case with every other camera as well. I mean, you can't really be serious by expecting that one must own a camera to be allowed to dislike it or have a different, somewhat negative, opinion about it, can you?

When I want to buy a camera I check it out as much as possible to see if I would like it or not. If not then I would not buy it. I am not stupid, neither I have the money to spend on every camera nor do I have the time to assess every aspect of it. Never the less, I still have the right to have an opinion,  just like everyone else.

Over the coming days and weeks I am confident that there will be a LOT of positive responses.

The Df already received VERY positive responses, far too positive to be true, and my guess is the opposite. Over the coming weeks, fanboys will be balanced by opinions with more unbiased views. If those will be positive or not, I have no idea. However, I am sure it will be more balanced and also will reveal some negative aspects.

P.P.S. - This is coming from a Canon guy.

That's irrelevant, or do you think it makes you a bigger expert on Nikon cameras or human behavior if you are a "Canon guy"?

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