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Re: It's all part of the plan

jfriend00 wrote:

marcio_napoli wrote:


Don't worry, one day, the D400 will come... but Nikon will milk everything they can before that day comes.

PS: the K-3 is in a different game. Pentax needs to grab as much customers as they can. They have no choice but to release such a killer cam right now.

Also "always selling something intentionally lacking" is the oddest strategy I've ever seen and one guaranteed to leave lots of sales for your competitors. This is a brutally competitive market. You need the best product you can fit into the desired price point with the desired margin. Anything less leaves more room for competitors to eat into your business.

Actually, strange as it seems, he has a point. I would suggest that, if you go and look at the K3 images on the forum, HIGHLY impressive and might bring to mind just WHY , as Marco says, Nikon could NOT afford to bring that sensor in a D300 before the release of a D600 series.

Some superb images there, showcasing a highly capable sensor in capable hands.

A D300 with that sensor would outsell a D600 series by far, and cut into D4 sales.

I say Marco is right.

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