On Sharpness, ISO and Shutter Speed

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Re: smaller, easier-supported lenses work better

RussellInCincinnati wrote:

Anders W wrote: Personally, I prefer having the performance of the really good lenses I paid for.

The lighter and shorter the lens, the more of the lens' performance you can extract percentage-wise. On or even off the tripod. Am now subtracting points from my prediction of usable lens sharpness, as lenses get longer and heavier (and harder to focus for whatever reason).

170-gram Sony Alpha 85/2.8. Sure it's 1/500th of a second or whatever here, but being plastic fantastic helps too.

Wonder if some of the "surprising" quality people are getting from micro four thirds is that they can physically handle the shorter, lighter lenses better, and flimsy tripods work great. And maybe some of what we fondly recall about large format clarity was due to people "having" to use a tripod more often.

Yes, longer lenses pose greater challenges. Don't know if anyone tries to shoot 600 mm FF lenses hand-held but with MFT it is certainly done with the 600 mm EFL lenses available for the system. It's a challenge to get tack-sharp results but it is certainly possible. Here's one available at full resolution (it is a crop) for your pixel-peeping pleasure:

A tripod sometimes help but is no panacea. I have shutter-shock problems with my E-M5 and 100-300/4-5.6 at 300 mm in the critical range of shutter speeds (from about 1/25 to about 1/250) even in tripod-based shooting. In order to get sharp results with this combo, I simply have to move out of that range.

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