On Sharpness, ISO and Shutter Speed

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Re: On Sharpness, ISO and Shutter Speed

Anders W wrote:

Ken Strain wrote:

These data are puzzling, two features disturb me most:

The spread between H and V gets to about 20% in several of the plots, including the points for the EM5 at 1/4000s. I am reluctant to accept that particular case as being due to shutter shock. If those data are bad, how can we tell which are good?

The EM1 plot is the only one that looks somewhat like I would expect if shutter shock were the main cause of the spread, but even here it appears that something else breaks the H-V symmetry with the opposite sign (such that there is roughly 6% discrepancy between the averaged H and V scopes of the 3 fastest speeds).

Hi Ken,

To me, the graphs for the E-M5, the A7R, and the D610 are pretty much in line with what would be expected in the presence of shutter shock, not just that of the E-M1. Of course, there may be other reasons for a difference between vertical and horizontal resolution too, as strongly suggested by the graphs for the D610 and A7.

A bit strange that the blur is mostly vertical with E-M1 and A7R, and mostly horizontal with D610.

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