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Re: It's all part of the plan

marcio_napoli wrote:


There's an interesting thing going on about these D400 wet dreams: Nikon is following 1 special business rule, which is "do NOT give the people what they want."

Huh ?

Yeah, that's it. As soon as people get exactly what they want, there's no room left for further sales.

You always need to sell something intentionally lacking, in order to have your customer come back for the next shopping.

If the D400 is too good, them offer the people the buffer lacking D7100. Make them wait.

While waiting for the D400, they'll buy the D7100, the D800 (as soon as done waiting for pro level DX), and when D400 is finally released, they'll remember they wanted one and will buy it too, rebooting the cycle for the D500.

It's actually a powerful business plan, made since forever.

Makers of every product you can imagine do that.

Don't worry, one day, the D400 will come... but Nikon will milk everything they can before that day comes.

PS: the K-3 is in a different game. Pentax needs to grab as much customers as they can. They have no choice but to release such a killer cam right now.

Nikon and Canon can afford to wait much, much longer.

Canon should have released their 7d mark II too, but they didn't.

They're also milking their customers as long as they can, as the 7d was already too good at the time.

I know of no company who has declining sales and regularly misses sales forecasts who purposely holds back a product or features that they think will sell, will beat the competition and will drive revenue - even if it competes a bit with other products they have.  The camera market right now is a nasty place.  Every camera maker needs to put out the best products they have in order to compete and drive sales.  Nikon wouldn't hold something back for the reasons you cite.

Obviously Nikon has their reasons for not making a D400 (and we have no idea what they are), but they're not holding back a higher margin, higher revenue D400 in order to let the lower revenue, lower margin D7100 sell for a longer period of time. That simply doesn't make financial sense in any way.

They may have never intended to do a D400, they may have just prioritized a lot of things in front of it (a company can only put out so many products at a time), they may have felt like they didn't have the technology until EXPEED 4 came out, they may have hoped the whole upper DX market would go FX, they may have hoped all action photographers would buy the Nikon 1 - who knows? But, I can pretty much guarantee that they're not holding back a D400 for the purpose of letting more D7100s sell as that is a backwards financial thing to do.

From what I can tell from the people I know, people waiting for a D400 are either spending their money with other manufacturers (on other types of cameras) or are still waiting and not buying anything from Nikon until Nikon comes out with something they want.  Those who wanted to go FX from a D300 have already largely done so.  There is no reason to keep pushing that string up a hill.

My own personal habits are pretty much opposite of what you've proposed.  Because I'm not convinced that Nikon is interested in serving my needs, I've frozen all Nikon purchases, including even lenses.  If they had already come out with a D400, I probably would have bought it and an FX body, but without a D400, I'm not necessarily going to stay with Nikon so the last thing I want to do is invest more in them until they show their cards or the clock runs out and I decide to move to a competitor.

Also "always selling something intentionally lacking" is the oddest strategy I've ever seen and one guaranteed to leave lots of sales for your competitors.  This is a brutally competitive market.  You need the best product you can fit into the desired price point with the desired margin.  Anything less leaves more room for competitors to eat into your business.

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