Why I bought the X-E2 + 35mm 1.4 instead of A7 + 55mm 1.8

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Graham Hill Senior Member • Posts: 1,355
15 Lenses by this time next year

Chris G Hughes wrote:

Graham Hill wrote:

Did you see the underlined text?

The underlined part was his whole point, Graham. In a straight up comparison of first party system lenses Fuji wins hands down. Sony's existing E mount lenses are APS-C. Launching two bodies with a single full frame E mount prime is a questionable move on the face of it. Concurrently it's blatantly obvious that Fuji is committed to the X platform both in terms of bodies and high quality optics. Your attempt to casually brush off Sony's lens problem is a fail. They need to get a range of lenses out pronto. Relying on adapters and third party lenses doesn't cut it and Sal is right to point out what looks like a half hearted commitment on their part.

From CNET: " Sony promises a lineup of 10 FE lenses by the end of next year and five more in 2015."

15 lenses in 2 years?  That is a half hearted commitment?  Still think so?


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