New D610, and I have oil spatter.

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New D610, and I have oil spatter.

Hi all,

I know, I know, I know. This isn't a boy crying wolf, nor am I a hideous troll. I love Nikon, but I have noticed lubricant spatter on my brand new D610.

I had a new D600 which suffered from the dust/debris/oil issue, and after some haggling with Nikon I was able to return it 4 months later to swap for a D610. So happy with that outcome! At least until today.

I shot at a smallish aperture for the first time today, and immediately noticed some spatter/dots on my images which looked similar to those I had on my D600. They're not the same though; on the D600, mine were very much localized to the top left hand corner of images. Furthermore, on the D600 they appeared to be more like dust; they had a consistent loo to them. With the spots on my D610, they have the telltale dark-blob-in-the-middle-lighter-blob-on-the-edge pattern that I have read indicates it's more likely lubricant.

I figure any new camera is going to have some issue with it, but this looks excessive. I haven't checked my shutter count, but at a guess I'd be at around ~500 images.

The marks look to be localised to the top left and top right corners of the image. It might not show up here, but when viewed at home I could see the dark blobs but also a lot of smaller, lighter dots as well.

I figure I'll go back to my retailer and see what they think (they're really, really going to hate me). Since I had the issue on my D600 as well, I thought perhaps it's bad lens changing practice or something like that, but I really am quite particular about my lens swaps. I also had a go with mirror lockup and blasting it with a rocket blower, with no change whatsoever. I also thought that it might be something unlikely like marks on my lens, but I changed lenses and the result was the same.

Gutted. Like I said, I'm not posting this here to dob Nikon in or tell tales of woe; by all reports, this issue has been fixed on the D610 - maybe I'm just unlucky.

100% pics attached; two different lenses. I can attach crops of affected areas if it's more helpful.

What do you guys think it is? Definitely lubricant?

16-35mm, f/22.

85mm, f/16.

Nikon D600 Nikon D610
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