I dont understand this voting system

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Re: Why a simple average is bad...

Xs Vyper wrote:

Yeah that's exactly what i'm noticing on the effect of votes to the ranking of pics, a few low votes can effectively pull down a good contender from the race. One or a group can simply low vote any decent looking competition out of the challenge.

Sorry was referring to Median instead of Mean

I see what you mean. I think in the end the number of votes per entry is so low and varies such a lot between entries, that anything you come up with is easily influenced by a few low (or high) votes. It's frustrating, because the challenges used to be great, people put a lot of effort into them, and doing well or winning was very satisfying. Now it's a bit meaningless. I got totally p***ed off with the whole thing a while ago and withdrew / deleted all of my entries. Then I chilled a bit, and now I just enter for a bit of fun and don't worry about it.


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