Steve Huff review A7/R, say they will take over the world!

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Re: Steve Huff review A7/R, say they will take over the world!

Faster, more accurate contrast based autofocus is a significant reason to pay extra for the A7r versus the A7. David Kilpatrick has good insight into why the A7r does better in low light / small aperture (where pdaf doesn't function) focusing than the A7. Since I do a lot of low light / high ISO shooting myself, I'm willing to pay more for accurate autofocus capabilities in such environments.

There's so much conflicting reports on AF accuracy.

My own testing saw the A7R more accurate as well but many reviewers also found A7 to be better as Sony's contrast detect of A7R sometimes misses your intended focus point for a more contrasty point close by.

We will see. I'd use the spot AF setting which would prevent the camera from choosing a contrast AF point outside the box. David's explanation made a lot of sense to me in theory. I wrote it in another post but I'll write it here again:

"AA filters reduce fine detail contrast and tend to smooth the luminance peaks and troughs used by contrast detect focusing to decide when the image is most sharp. Removing the AA filter has a small but significant effect on the speed and accuracy of contrast detection focusing, along with an improvement in many irregular textures like distant woodlands, lawn grass and human skin. So if you incorporate image processing able to remove some of the resulting moiré, it makes sense. This is the route being taken by most other makers now to get the best possible live view auto follow-focusing."

I also read that the PDAF doesn't function in low light or apertures smaller than f/8 on the A7. It seems fair to conclude that the A7r will perform better under these circumstances which makes sense. I'm waiting for the dpreview review for the autofocus issue and the cinema5d and phillip bloom review for the video before I pull the trigger. I keep going back and forth and it drives me crazy because I'd like the camera system before I head out of the country in a month.

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