I wish for Christmas 2014 - 28-85 2.8

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Re: I wish for Christmas 2014 - 28-85 2.8

Next year, I will most likely go full frame. So was thinking would it be nice to have "pro normal zoom" with slightly different range from all the other 24-70mm lenses - like 28-85mm. I would definitely buy one if it would be decent.

I currently have crop body and old Sigma 18-50mm 2.8 ( which I find it to be more like 18-46mm 2.8) and I almost never use it mostly because I find it just little bit too short for capturing proper portrait (beside some other issues I find annoying). I either need to crop it in PP, or struggle with perspective distortion.

With 35-70mm 2.8 on my film body f100, I find the same thing - it is little bit short for portraiture, so I can expect same problem with my future ff digital + 35-70mm combo. And right now, on crop sensor, I find it crazy good lens for portraiture.

As non expert, it seems to me it shouldn't be hard to design such a lens with zoom range of 3X. Tokina almost did it with its 28-80mm 2.8, but I would like modern design lens.

It would be marketable niche product for us who prefer tele end.

Come on, Nikon, Sigma, Tokina or Tamron... do it!

Why don't you buy primes..?

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