Steve Huff review A7/R, say they will take over the world!

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Re: Steve Huff review A7/R, say they will take over the world!

blue_skies wrote:

zilver wrote:

Well, the mirrorless world at least

seems he thinks A7 is best all around, while A7R is best for ultimate image quality. he asks why does Sony make us choose!? I agree!

In Steve Huff-esk way, he yet finds another 'best of the best' camera. Two in fact, because he refuses to choose winners.

Interesting read, as he still leaves some straws for the m43 users, but he seems to have changed his opinion a lot otherwise. I guess he is experiencing and realizing the flexibility of the FF format and the A7 cameras, and seems impressed.

I choose the A7 over the A7R for personal reasons, the biggest one being that I don't need the 36Mp IQ, especially since Sony had to take out some of the features (EFC being the mist noticable one). I agree with Steve's comment here.

I think that Sony designed the cameras with this in mind, yet, with the A7R outselling the A7 by a 2:1 ratio, I wonder if people are buying just on spec.

Or perhaps this was only the pre-order ratio and is not telling much yet.

Faster, more accurate contrast based autofocus is a significant reason to pay extra for the A7r versus the A7. David Kilpatrick has good insight into why the A7r does better in low light / small aperture (where pdaf doesn't function) focusing than the A7. Since I do a lot of low light / high ISO shooting myself, I'm willing to pay more for accurate autofocus capabilities in such environments.

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